As you know, the cam world is much bigger than the porn world. Sometimes it may sound weird — but it’s true. Every day, new owners of new cams create new platforms. It’s sad to conclude, but most of them are scams.

That’s why we spend our lives separating great sites from the dirty frauds. Of course, we check not only which are scam sites, but also use more than 100 criteria to provide you best of them, like:

  1. Quality of streaming.
  2. Separation by categories.
  3. Information in the bios
  4. Pricing.
  5. Possibilities for the LGBT community.
  6. Leaving Contact Data.
  7. Level of Security.
  8. Level of Anonymity.

And many others. Today you’ll learn how we rate sites, and which criteria are primary, and which of them are not so important.

Usability and possibility

The main factor after the pricing is usability. And it’s the most considerable pain for us. See, some popular platforms don’t care about your convenience. It’s hard to believe, but most of them work:

  1. Slowly.
  2. Have a disgusting interface.
  3. Present a hard-to-understand navigation system.
  4. Always crashing.

It’s essential not only for “customers,” but for performers too. It’s sad, but when you prepare for stroking, you will pay for the performers, and your connection will be lost.

Exotic Shows

The next thing about all those sites is not the online or assortment of girls. Most areas can provide you with thousands of types and all existing races. So the important thing is not the girl. Much more important is the special exotic show. What do we mean? How about:

  1. Cam2cam.
  2. Gangbang groping online.
  3. Something like fisting.
  4. Something from the other side of the planet.
  5. Something from public places.
  6. Something like candy shows for treats.

And something which is out of your fantasies.


We know that today the leading group of members are men. But honestly, the more LGBT content a site provides, the more it is popular. It’s tough to find a place full of exciting LGBT content. And sometimes, heterosexual men would like to watch some lesbian performances too.

It’s hot, it’s worth it, and it’s an essential criterion in our rate system. Therefore, we think that each site should have a switcher to LGBT mode.

Free Version

It’s an actual new invention, which wasn’t available just a few years ago. And we thought that the site that invented the Free Preview was the leader of the industry. What do we mean? We are not talking about a public shy show for registered members.

We’re talking about free sex shows without registration. Yeah, they exist. And they are hot and worthy.

It’s a compromise between the private cam2cam show and dull porn. Look:

  1. It’s still the cams, with sex, but for free.
  2. You can keep your anonymity.
  3. You shouldn’t spend any money to watch.
  4. Other perverts will pay for your satisfaction.

There’s only one slight disadvantage of this type of show. To force performers, you should register and pay. But watching and chatting is free!

The Secret Criteria

Of course, we should not forget about the secret prime criteria we are using to make your life easier. It’s a way to get tokens without paying. Yeah, if you are a rich fuck, you shouldn’t care about prices or anything else.

But in our philosophy, free credits are the most important aspe. Just look, we can miss something, or the quality of girls on the sites may solely depend on your taste. But how can you check if they are right, or if maybe we’re wrong? Of course, only if you can test all Premium possibilities for free.

So we strive to put in our rate only those sites, which can provide you a greeting bonus for membership without any refilling of your balance.