Cam Couple- How To Become A Cam Couple

Ok, If you are here, you are interested in some sex work but don’t want to be a slut. Thankfully, you are in the right place, where you can find the Best cam sites For Couples!

But before you continue — are you sure you’ve chosen the best and highest paying cam job? Maybe you are more interested in the worst alternative to camming or simply not sure whether camming is legal.

Chill—camming is entirely legal. For all sex workers, it’s the best way to become a cam couple, have sex on a webcam, and earn a lot of money.

So right here and right now, you will find information on how to become a cam couple:

  1. The step-by-step guide for newbies.
  2. The assortment of webcam jobs for couples.
  3. The sites which specialize in couple webcam porn.
  4. Some tips about how to start and become a pro.
  5. Find some hints on how to fuck less and earn more.
  6. Know about how to cum more than ten times during a webcam session.

And other answers, like how much do couples make on cam sites.

How to become a cam couple — some easy steps

Beauty Cam Couple

If you’re thinking about how to be a cam couple, you may think that the answer is a secret. I suppose you might be wrong. The main secret here is that every one of you can become cam couples. All that you need is to:

  1. Choose one of the top paying cam sites.
  2. Force your partner in a relationship to enjoy the sex session with you.
  3. Pay taxes.
  4. Install certain apps.
  5. Stream your sex.
  6. Earn money.

As you see, everything is limited to several easy steps. But the devil is in the details. And that’s why we recommend you to continue reading this guide. You will find all about the setup, hints, platforms, and other helpful information for the start of your career.

To become a cam couple is easy. But, much more challenging is finding a way to make money on webcam sites!

Top paying cam sites


If we are talking about the best platform to help you earn money on cam, we always mean Camsoda.

It’s the real deal, with the absolutely transparent and profit-driving offers.

  • How to earn: by showing yourself and selling ready-made content.
  • Share of income: 55%.
  • Payout Frequency: Each week!


LiveJasmin is a place full of worthy porn. It’s still one of the top paying cam sites as well, with some distinctive features.

At the very least, it has good traffic, friendly community, and a convenient interface. It will be the best choice for newbies in the cam couple webcam world.

  • How to earn: Many ways. From showing and selling your photos to referral subscriptions and selling tickets for exclusive shows, among other ways.
  • Share of income: up to 80%.
  • Payout Frequency: twice a month


Cam Couple

Xhamster is not the best platform for making money on webcam. But you can increase your earnings by sharing your recordings there. But, of course, they have a cam platform too. And the web traffic on this site is incredible!

  • How to earn: by getting tokens and selling your private videos.
  • Share of income: average.
  • Payout Frequency: at least once a month!


It’s not an expensive site for people who are interested in becoming a cam couple. But if you know all about your profession and can perform something extra spicy, the tips on this platform will shock you in a good way.

BongaCams is one of the most popular webcam websites to make money. It’s number of visitors really is incredible.

  • How to earn: Public shows for tips. Private performances for tax.
  • Share of income: up to 80% of tips. About 20% for private chats. Bonuses for good performers.
  • Payout Frequency: On Fridays!

How to become a webcam couple — some pro tips

If you still want to know how to become a webcam couple, you should follow our tips to help you start. They are easy, but most showguys and showgirls often forget about them:

  1. Be active in social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and others.
  2. Create a schedule for shows. It will help you get more viewers.
  3. Be in a fit condition. The better you are, the more tips you earn.
  4. Use a certain setup. You can read about it below.
  5. Be creative during each performance.
  6. Come up with competitions, where the chosen subscribers can watch you for free. It will increase the activity during your shows.
  7. Choose the right platform.
  8. Don’t fuck right at the start of the show.
  9. Talk, smile, and talk some more.

Seems easy, right?, So, this right here is the secret to popularity. Of course, a big cock and firm tits increase your chances too!


Ok, let’s honestly talk about webcam setup. Most can tell you that all you need is just a smartphone or laptop with a webcam. It’s just a part of the truth. If you want to be a great performer and make more money than others, you should be sure that:

  1. You have a suitable camera. Canon, Nikon, Sony.
  2. You have special lenses. Portrait ones for a solo performance, and wide-angle for a couple fuck.
  3. You have at least two lighting sources.
  4. You have enough space in your bedroom to set up everything you need.
  5. You have a tripod.
  6. You have a fast internet connection.
  7. You have several remote-controlled toys.

And that’s just a basic setup. So when you decide to start earning on webcam shows, but all these things into your cart, and buy them. And don’t forget about a good-quality microphone, because the secret ingredient of the top cam models‘ performances is their sound!

Show ideas

Ok, the last but not least factor, which will help you to understand how much do cam couples make, and what you should do, is performance Ideas. A regular fuck is an exciting idea, but how long can you fuck?

For a minute? For an hour? Mind that you still need to continue your show in the following hours. So here you can use some tricks.

  1. Learn how to work with your tongue.
  2. Perform something special with the OhMiBod integration.
  3. Take part in roleplaying.
  4. Keep in your mind that a girl must be in the frame longer than the boy.
  5. Have kinky parties with guests.
  6. Use Keno Integration.
  7. Create a competition for your subscribers.

And it’s just the tip of the iceberg, which you can use in your paid webcam chat to make more money than you can imagine.